Local Pointers for HERE WeGo

Use voice input to get pointers to nearby places

create your own website for free

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Voice Search 

Tap the microphone button and tell the app what you want - it's often best to use two words eg: 'waterloo station', 'london eye' for specific local place or a single word 'pub', 'restaurant' or in this case 'breakfast' for a list of nearby places matching your search

The List

Shows the name of each nearby place with a crow flies pointer and distance away from you

Tap any entry to expand

An Expanded Entry

Gives you a phone number to call ahead

a link to the nearby place's own website

and a link to HERE WeGo


Shows your destination's surroundings

TripAdvisor reviews on HERE WeGo

Let you know what others think about the nearby place you selected

Not available for all locations

Free, Shows Ads
Local Pointers