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GPS Impetus

Keep your GPS rolling without eating your battery

A background service accessing the GPS periodically keeps the Android Last Known Location recent and accurate and the GPS warm so that other apps get locations faster

GPS Tips

Your phone needs to be able to see satellites to get a fix so GPS works best outdoors on a clear day away from tall buildings 

GPS is most likely to work if you keep your phone in one of these places (best to worst):

in your hand
on a bike mount
on a car mount
in a thin outside pocket
at top of a thin bag
by a window inside 
inside low rise buildings

How GPS Impetus Works

The background service tries to get both satellite information and a GPS fix about every 10 minutes

If it can get an GPS fix easily it exits as the GPS is clearly warm and working well.

It also exits quickly if it can't get a good sight of satellites because you are likely indoors.

When satellite visibilty is reasonable the app gives more time to getting fixes to get the GPS up to speed

Other GPS Impetus Features

Get a live GPS fix with satellite visiblilty progress

Show GPS coordinates in a variety of formats

Show the map for the current position

Start the Zelwyke compass (if installed) with the current GPS position for true north calculation

GPS Impetus


Get your bearings with this advanced compass

A gimballed compass which coverts to a bearing compass using the camera viewfinder when you pitch your phone to the vertical

 Viewfinder Mode

To get the bearing of a landmark from your current position, pitch up your phone to the vertical, place the grid of dark and light lines over your target and the bearing is displayed at the top of the screen


If you give the app Android Location Permission it will get the declination in your area from the magnetic model using the device last known location.

Once the  magnetic declination is available your compass will show Magnetic and True North buttons with the option you are using lit