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Near HERE App

Tell it where and it points you there

Scrollable list of any sort of place nearby

Pointers rotate and distances update as you move

Expand any entry for more info

Voice search or type to enter a search term

Near HERE in Action

Voice Search 

Tap the microphone button

Tell the app where:

e.g. 'waterloo station', 'london eye' for a specific place

e.g. 'pub', 'restaurant' or in this case 'Nando's' for a general search likely to return a list

The List

Name, address. distance and a pointer for each place 

The distances and the direction of the pointers are updated as you move around the area.

Tap any entry to expand

An Expanded Entry

Gives you:

a phone number for the nearby place to call ahead

a link to their own website

a map link