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Get your bearings with this advanced compass

Tilting Compass Rose

A gimballed compass which coverts to a bearing compass using the camera viewfinder when you pitch your phone to the vertical

Relabel the Compass Points...

Customize and localize the compass points

...So that the Compass Rose suits you

This is an example of a German version but you can change the letters to anything you can type on your keyboard

 Viewfinder Mode

To get the bearing of a landmark from your current position, pitch up your phone to the vertical, place the grid of dark and light lines over your target and the bearing is displayed at the top of the screen

This is the bearing of St John's Church in Weymouth from the end of the Stone Pier


If you give the app Android Location Permission it will get the declination in your area from the magnetic model using the device last known location.

Once the  magnetic declination is available your compass will show both Magnetic and True North buttons